Sports Bars in New Zealand

In New Zealand, sports bars are a big deal. A person can go to this bar and watch the latest event. They can have some drinks and some food. Sports bars do allow betting the game in New Zealand so that is some more excitement. These are some of the top sports bars to visit in New Zealand.

Public Bar and Eatery

This is a place where all of the hardcore sports fans go. There are betting events that happen all of the time and they are betting on sports from all around the world. If there is a sporting event taking place someone at this bar is betting on it. The drink offering has a big selection and the prices are reasonable. There are pool tables and dark boards for entertainment and some live betting action. There are four bars located in this two-story building so there is little wait time for a refill.

Brooklyn Bar

This bar in New Zealand has the famous name of one of the boroughs of New York City. This bar has cold beer and there are few lines. The food is good and a person can enjoy a steak at a reasonable price while they bet on the game. This is a great place to stop after working all day and relax. There is always a game to bet on and rugby is one of the most-watched sports at this place. This bar will allow a person to relax, have a meal, and bet on a game.

J Murphy and Co

This sports bar is what people think of when they want to visit a bar. The bar has some upgrades that keep people coming back. There are the dark wooden bar tables that people have come to expect in a sports bar. There are some big-screen television sets. Each of the screens has sports on it and people can watch the action and hope their bet pays off. There is a 20 dollar pool deposit that is run by the staff. With this $20 a person can play all of the games they want at this bar. When they are done playing they will return the equipment and will get their money back. This will allow a person to play the games and bet on the games.

The Old Bailey

This sports bar can be found in the main section of the financial district. A person can get off of work and they can go right into the bar. While this sports bar is more refined it is still a great place to visit and place a bet. The food is a little fancier than what some people are used to. There is a fish dish that can be ordered with a sauvignon blanc. This is a classy place to come and bet on the games. There are still all of the sports betting that a person can want in this bar.

The Welsh Dragon

Just the name alone states that this is going to be a unique sports bar. Walking by this pub a person will pay attention to it. The design of the building is unique with a dome-shaped roof. A person can stop at this bar and see all the live sports action. They can even engage in some of the pub quizzes or a chance to win even more money and prizes. This sports bar also has some live music nights so that a person can be entertained at halftime.

Four Kings

This is said to be the top of the sports bars. Four Kings has everything that a person would expect when they are looking to visit the classic sports bar. They can sit down and watch the game. They can also have a pint and some food to go with it. There are television screens around so a person can stay up to date on all of the sports action. This bar has a classic vibe. A person can bet on their games until 6 am. This is a place to go if a person wants to watch and bet on sports.

Lovelock Sports Bar

This is a sports bar that will allow a person to relax and enjoy some great deals while they watch the game and enjoy the sports betting action. They can watch all of the popular games and they can enjoy some great drink specials. There are daily happy hour offerings. There are some great prizes to win at the bar including the spin the wheel game and quiz nights relating to sports. This is a good place to bring a date if they are also into sports.

Green Man Pub

This is another place that serves good food and allows for the betting action. There are plenty of games to watch and bet on while enjoying a good steak. There are some other good dishes worth trying. The lamb shank is one of the best. Nothing like some good food while betting on a sports game.

These are some of the best sports bars in New Zealand. At these bars, a person can watch all of the sports action and hope their bet pays well. These bars offer a relaxed atmosphere and a great place to wager on the games.