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5 Tips to Win Big at Sports Betting

Have you ever wagered on a sports game and felt confident that your team would win only to watch them lose in the last few minutes? If so, then you know how frustrating it can be to put money on a losing bet. However, there are ways that you can increase your chances of winning when sports betting. Here are 5 tips to help you win big at sports betting.

1. Learn about the teams or individual players before placing a bet

If you want to win big at sports betting, it’s important to learn about the teams or individual players before placing a bet. This will give you an edge over the bookmakers, who often don’t have as much information about the teams or players. By learning about the squads, formations and styles of play, you’ll be able to make more informed bets that are more likely to win.

Looking at the players that make up the teams, you’ll also be able to determine whether they are legitimate competitors in the league. If a team has a lot of good players and a successful track record, then it’s a good bet to place money on them. If they’ve had frequent injuries or have an outstanding rival in the team, then it’s not a good idea to bet on them.

In the world of sports betting, the value of information is often judged in terms of how it can help you win money. The more you know about the teams or players, the better your chances of gaining valuable insight.

2. Don’t put all your money on one bet

No matter how confident you are in a particular outcome, it’s never wise to put all your money on one bet. If the results don’t go your way, you could end up losing everything. It’s always better to spread your bets around and give yourself a better chance of winning big.

Set goals. Where do you want to be financially in one year or five years? Knowing your goals helps you make smart decisions about how much money you want to spend on sports betting. The more goals you have, the better your chance of hitting them. Set limits. It can be tempting to spend a lot of money on a big prize, but forcing yourself to limit your spending can help you win big.

3. Pay attention to statistics when making bets

If you’re looking to up your game when it comes to sports betting, then heed this advice: always pay attention to statistics. Knowing which team is statistically more likely to win (or lose) can be the key difference between winning big and losing everything.

Of course, no one statistic should be considered in isolation; rather, it’s important to look at a range of factors before placing any bets. But if you can find a way to use statistics to your advantage, then you’ll be well on your way towards success.

You should also look to diversify your portfolio across multiple sports. It’s important not to put all your eggs in one basket; if you bet only on one sport, then you may be in trouble if you can’t find a way to win.

Every sport has its own set of statistics to keep track of. Pro baseball players, for example, are measured by things like batting average, hits, home runs, runs batted in, on-base percentage and slugging percentage. In basketball, it’s points per game, rebounds per game, assists per game and free throw percentage. But as you might imagine, different types of betting require different types of statistics.

Above all, remember: the best way to use statistics to your advantage is to always be prepared. If you don’t know the backstory of a statistical metric, then you’re likely to make a mistake that can cost you dearly. The more you know, the greater your chance of success.

If you want to learn more about sports betting statistics, then there are plenty of online resources that can help you out.

4. Create a budget for sports betting and stick to it

Sports betting can be a great way to make some extra money, but it’s important to create a budget and stick to it. Here are five tips to help you win big at sports betting:

1) Shop around for the best lines and odds – this can make a huge difference in your potential profits.

2) Do your research – know which teams are good against the spread and which ones aren’t. This will give you an edge when placing bets.

3)Start small and stay disciplined – Even if you’re amped up for your favourite team’s playoff game, keep your wits about you and don’t put everything on the line.

Know your limits. Before you make your first bet, decide how much money you are willing to put behind it. The total amount should include both your initial investment and the amount you plan to wager for each game. For example, say you want to try sports betting with $100 and plan to bet $10 on each event. That’s a good starting point, but keep in mind that the odds will change each time you place a new bet.

5. Consider using a betting system

If you’re looking to get into sports betting, or if you’re already an experienced bettor but looking to up your game, consider using a betting system. A good betting system can help you win big by making more informed and strategic bets.

The best part is that betting systems are completely free to use. It’s a key advantage for beginners as it means that you don’t need to drop any cash before seeing whether or not this whole betting thing works for you!

There are several different types of sports betting systems. Some are designed to predict the outcome of just one sport, such as the Super Bowl. Others are aimed at multiple sports, such as football, tennis and basketball. The best sports betting systems are designed to take advantage of money management, statistics and math. Each component helps you achieve better results.

Some Other Great Sports To Bet On In New Zealand

When you gamble on sports you are always expecting to win no matter what amount you wager. In most cases, when a better places a bet they are covering an amount that will pay off because of a certain team or individual winning a contest. When you prepare to make a bet you will end up visiting a business known as a sportsbook. With a sportsbook, you can bet on all types of sports that are played within New Zealand.

Betting on Some Other Great Sports in New Zealand

Sports betting has always been a fun pastime to bet on favourite sports and when it comes to betters in New Zealand they have quite a few favourites. To give you an idea of the sports that New Zealanders love the most, we have listed a few of their favourites.

Betting on Rugby

The world of rugby always has competitions and tournaments that are available to gamble on. With that, many opportunities to place bets on a winning team are also available as well as your favourite teams. With many opportunities available to place a bet, there are also many kinds of bets that you can make. A good one to consider is known as a “by match” which is considered to be the team that is guaranteed to win as long as your odds are great.

The sport of rugby is broken down into two types, and they are the Rugby Union and Rugby League. Although both of these types resemble each other, there are some different characteristics such as the number of players on each team, the size of the fields, and the way scores are calculated. Besides these characteristics, everything else that has to do with rugby, including rules are the same.

Regardless of you being a big supporter of the union or league, rugby will continue to be a major sport that New Zealanders love to bet on, especially with national and international events occurring throughout the year.

Betting on Football

Although betting on football is such a popular sport in New Zealand that does not mean every fan is betting on their favourite team. If you plan to get your feet wet and begin to bet on football, then you need to be certain that it is the right choice for you. This way you are not involving yourself in a sport that you have no interest in.

To know for sure if football betting is for you, you need to understand any advantages or disadvantages that you may come across.

When you bet on soccer you do not have to be a professional gambler. You also do not have to be an active fan of the sport. Although having an idea of what football is is important to have, you do not need to know everything about it to place winning bets or make bets in general. However, if you are a fan of football and have a favourite team, then you will certainly benefit from betting on the sport.

If you are completely clueless about sports, then betting on a football team could still be the perfect choice to make bets. If you do decide to bet on football, ensure that you are up to speed on the way the sport works before placing bets.

Another thing to be aware of is the amount of risk that is involved. Although the risk is involved with all sports betting, it is commonplace in any type of gambling. So you need to be aware of it before placing bets. Not everybody feels comfortable taking risks because it implies the possibility that you may lose the bet that you place. If you are uncomfortable with risk, then placing bets on football will not be the best sport to bet on. This also goes with the fact that if you may know football inside and out. The chances of losing are equally as high as those for winning. So if you wish to win more than you lose, then you will need to make a huge commitment to the sport.

As far as football is concerned in New Zealand, many betters are heavily interested in their national New Zealand Football League and many of the leagues held internationally such as the United Kingdom’s premier league.

Betting on Basketball Teams

Being such a popular sport has allowed basketball to be loved throughout the world. With millions of fans tuning in to a nightly game or tournament, the betting opportunities are plenty.

With so many betting opportunities available, many of the sportsbooks can offer many varieties of bets that can provide many different levels of value.

Today, the NBA remains at the top as far as popular leagues are concerned. That says a lot for a league that has been in existence since the mid-1940s.

With only 11 teams at the time of creation, the NBA has since grown exponentially and currently has 30 teams. Although the majority of players are from within the United States, there have been many talents acquired from international locations such as China, South America, Africa, and Europe. A total of 82 games make up a season and are split up by games that are home and away.

With so many games available, there are also many opportunities to make gambling bets during the season. This can be very valuable to gamblers as well as being a great opportunity to make a nice win every day. The great thing with betting on basketball is that there is another option to the NBA and that is college basketball. College basketball provides even more opportunities each season as well as having multiple games available to bet on nightly.

Just in the last few years, basketball has grown even more as a popular sport. This is great news for sports betters because the NBA remains the top league to bet on. However, many fans in New Zealand also remain devoted fans of their ANBL and NBL leagues.

Betting on Horse Racing

Betting on horse races is highly popular among the many sports that allow opportunities to bet. The odd thing about horse racing is that betting on a race does not have a lot of value as far as comparing it to the thrill. Instead, many gamblers are only interested in placing winning bets.

Most of the viewers of a horse race will have some sort of bet placed. However, not many of them will win. A lot of betters will only make little bets and use them for entertainment purposes instead of caring what the outcome will be.

However, there are still many betters who take horse racing seriously enough to a point where they bet thousands of dollars on a race.

In New Zealand specifically, a horse race is a big deal among many sports betters. With a huge amount of racetracks in operation, betters have no problem finding the next big win at the tracks as they bet on their popular New Zealand Derby, Melbourne Cup, and the Auckland Cup.

Sports Bars in New Zealand

In New Zealand, sports bars are a big deal. A person can go to this bar and watch the latest event. They can have some drinks and some food. Sports bars do allow betting the game in New Zealand so that is some more excitement. These are some of the top sports bars to visit in New Zealand.

Public Bar and Eatery

This is a place where all of the hardcore sports fans go. There are betting events that happen all of the time and they are betting on sports from all around the world. If there is a sporting event taking place someone at this bar is betting on it. The drink offering has a big selection and the prices are reasonable. There are pool tables and dark boards for entertainment and some live betting action. There are four bars located in this two-story building so there is little wait time for a refill.

Brooklyn Bar

This bar in New Zealand has the famous name of one of the boroughs of New York City. This bar has cold beer and there are few lines. The food is good and a person can enjoy a steak at a reasonable price while they bet on the game. This is a great place to stop after working all day and relax. There is always a game to bet on and rugby is one of the most-watched sports at this place. This bar will allow a person to relax, have a meal, and bet on a game.

J Murphy and Co

This sports bar is what people think of when they want to visit a bar. The bar has some upgrades that keep people coming back. There are the dark wooden bar tables that people have come to expect in a sports bar. There are some big-screen television sets. Each of the screens has sports on it and people can watch the action and hope their bet pays off. There is a 20 dollar pool deposit that is run by the staff. With this $20 a person can play all of the games they want at this bar. When they are done playing they will return the equipment and will get their money back. This will allow a person to play the games and bet on the games.

The Old Bailey

This sports bar can be found in the main section of the financial district. A person can get off of work and they can go right into the bar. While this sports bar is more refined it is still a great place to visit and place a bet. The food is a little fancier than what some people are used to. There is a fish dish that can be ordered with a sauvignon blanc. This is a classy place to come and bet on the games. There are still all of the sports betting that a person can want in this bar.

The Welsh Dragon

Just the name alone states that this is going to be a unique sports bar. Walking by this pub a person will pay attention to it. The design of the building is unique with a dome-shaped roof. A person can stop at this bar and see all the live sports action. They can even engage in some of the pub quizzes or a chance to win even more money and prizes. This sports bar also has some live music nights so that a person can be entertained at halftime.

Four Kings

This is said to be the top of the sports bars. Four Kings has everything that a person would expect when they are looking to visit the classic sports bar. They can sit down and watch the game. They can also have a pint and some food to go with it. There are television screens around so a person can stay up to date on all of the sports action. This bar has a classic vibe. A person can bet on their games until 6 am. This is a place to go if a person wants to watch and bet on sports.

Lovelock Sports Bar

This is a sports bar that will allow a person to relax and enjoy some great deals while they watch the game and enjoy the sports betting action. They can watch all of the popular games and they can enjoy some great drink specials. There are daily happy hour offerings. There are some great prizes to win at the bar including the spin the wheel game and quiz nights relating to sports. This is a good place to bring a date if they are also into sports.

Green Man Pub

This is another place that serves good food and allows for the betting action. There are plenty of games to watch and bet on while enjoying a good steak. There are some other good dishes worth trying. The lamb shank is one of the best. Nothing like some good food while betting on a sports game.

These are some of the best sports bars in New Zealand. At these bars, a person can watch all of the sports action and hope their bet pays well. These bars offer a relaxed atmosphere and a great place to wager on the games.

Best Sports Betting Providers in New Zealand

With sports such as football, rugby, and cricket, it is not strange that betting on online platforms has become something of an attraction to many people in New Zealand. The market in New Zealand is the most convenient, trusted, and advanced in global online gambling. The betting landscape for New Zealand has significantly developed. The following are the best sports betting providers in New Zealand;

1. Betway

Since the year 2006, Betway casino has always been the leading player in online gaming. It is one of the largest online casinos around the globe. Currently, Betway invites players from all around the world with a library of more than 500 games. It is a site that has a long-established track record, and today, Betway is considered to be one of the premier online casinos. It sets its bar high for the sake of other sites of gambling, looking forward to duplicating its international achievements. You expect good benefits in such reputable casinos, and they have a welcome bonus, which is the best you will find online. Betway casino is powered by software that is normally updated from Microgaming. Downloading and installation are efficient, and within no time, you will sign up, fund your account, and be ready to start playing any game. All the same, with a limited selection of games, everything can be done on any browser. Betway is compatible with any computer. With more than 500 games inclusive of over 400 slots, and a selection of several titles, it has more betting ways than any other casino. Hits of Betway casino include; • Evolution Gaming for live casinos • A library of 500 games that is impressive • Variety options for customer support • Package of welcome for a 100% bonus • 20 years of experience • App for iOS and Android devices

2. 888 casino

Since 1997, 888 has been one of the oldest casinos and has stood out to be one of the most trusted brands in the industry of online betting. Online gambling is a highly competitive area, and to last in the market for this long is not easy. It is licensed in eCogra, and Gibraltar certified. 888 has won several awards for online casino of the year. The latest award was Totalgaming Award in 2012 and EGR award in 2013. On the internet, it is one of the largest casinos because more than 25 million players have played with it. It uses its own proprietary software, which is normally updated. Players benefit from the superior animations, graphics, and sound that result from the latest technology. The software is efficiently downloaded and installed onto the computer and gives access to all games in a few moments. When it is about support, 888 casino has some hurdles for getting to the team even though not all big contact options are available. It also has great bonuses to be celebrated by players.

3. Bwin casino

Bwin casino has a lot to offer, including great bonuses. It has a very good place for anyone to play as it does not rely on a big welcome bonus to attract players. It has high-quality games, a website that is easy to use, and one can be encouraged by the mobile app to play with it. Bwin casino offers integration of things that many players cannot resist. Huge prizes, which include big progressive jackpots, are added into the mix. It has an amazing range of games and provides things a serious gambler could choose. Bwin casino has a big omission of video poker. Advantages of Bwin include; • All mobile devices compatibility • Different bonuses daily • Wonderful games of live casino • Huge selection of progressive games

4. Unibet

Unibet was launched in 1999, and therefore it is one of the most recognizable and oldest casinos in online gambling. It offers many things ranging from live casino, classic games, table games, poker, and bingo. Its promotions are attractive and have made about 11 million users globally to come back for more. Nevertheless, Unibet is a deal of reality. From top developers, the casino has more than a thousand games for players of all betting styles and have plenty of choices. This casino has a reputable trail on the next big game. It goes further to source the latest technology to improve the experience of a player. Apart from the content of the site, its customer support has a very great reputation. The team of support is available 24/7 to answer all queries in the best way they can. The team also genuinely looks after its player’s community. Hits for Unibet include; • More than 1000 games • Updated promotions • Efficient times of withdrawal • Customer support

5. Mr. Play

Mr. Play is an online casino that puts its own moustache, promotions, and style to all the top providers’ fantastic games. Players are invited to a site of gaming that has over 400 games selected from the best software developers. There is a welcome bonus package of 100 free spins and £200 free funds. It is very secure and reliable. Under the watch of trusted authorities, it operates with a valid license. The players are attracted to the gaming collection due to the mobile compatibility of the site. More rewards accompany every bet made after the welcome bonus. Hits from Mr. play include; • Full regulation and license • Many scratch cards and slots • Compatible mobile app and website • Several ways of withdrawal and deposit • SSL encryption

6. Leo Vegas

It is owned and operated from Malta by LeoVegas international. The site is meant for PC, but the major focus is on gaming. It is the most efficient and user-friendly mobile casino across Europe. It came to market in the year 2012. In 2014, the EGR Innovation Awards named it as the mobile casino of the year. It has covered the Android, iPhone, and the general mobile space. They are simple to play, and as new titles are added monthly, there is no need for downloads. Apart from its mobile casino, it has many slots. Its platform is safe, and demo games are available for players to practice without spending money. Additionally, they have great promotions which begin with a welcome package. Hits for Leo Vegas include; • Great choice of game • Fantastic mobile experience • Slick software • Customer support • Welcome bonus with free spins

7. Karamba casino

Due to the many online casinos, it may be difficult to recognize the great ones, but Karamba casino seems to be an exception. Since the year 2005, it has maintained a good reputation. Different from any other, it continually impresses with video slots collection, which is the main strong point of the real money casino. Most of its titles are from Microgaming, NetEnt, and other developers. With over ten years of experience, it has better promotional offers that go hand in hand with the modern website. Players can find guaranteed and good gaming options that are mobile-friendly. Hits from Karamba include; • Compatible with Android and iOS devices • Safe, secure, and guaranteed • Playing without sign up • Selected video slots • Instant play without download

Main Cricket Events of 2021

By all accounts, soccer is the world’s most-watched sports broadcasts. The FIFA World Cup routinely draws 30 billion visitors which dwarfs visitors to America’s most popular game, the Superbowl, which takes in about Unless you live in many foreign countries, however, you could win quite a few bar bets by saying that cricket is the world’s second most popular watched sport. Cricket is played competitively in over 100 countries in the world, and world-wide viewership of the 2019 Cricket World Cup was estimated to be 2.6 billion viewers, dwarfing the Superbowl audience by 26 times. In some countries such as India and Pakistan, cricket is a sport that is nearly equivalent to religion. People drop what they are doing and watch cricket religiously. And cricket is a high paying sport in India. The Michael Jordan of Indian Cricketers retired cricketer Sachin Tendulkar has a net worth of around $121 million dollars. Virat Kohli, the current captain of the Indian cricket team is said to be the richest active player with a net worth of $97 million dollars.

Believe it or not, cricket was once quite popular in America, brought to the colonies by Great Britain. There were once as many as 22 competitive teams in the U.S. before cricket was eclipsed by baseball in popularity. With those figures in mind, new viewers of the sport or active viewers may have an interest in where the important cricket matches will be held and their dates in 2021. Keep in mind, just like in soccer and other premium sports, you may be prohibited from going to watch the games live, as the current pandemic government rules will dictate whether there are spectators or not. But even if there are no spectators, chances are you will be able to watch it on television.

Here is a list of scheduled cricket matches that are currently scheduled to go on:

#1. India tour in Australia The India tour in Australia began in December of 2020 and continues till January 15 to the 19th to complete a series of four test matches. The fourth series of matches are being played in Brisbane after previous matches in Adelaide, Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne. Meanwhile, in the Big Bash League in Australia, matches are scheduled to play throughout January and close in early February with the Big Bash Championships.

#2. Ireland in the United Arab Emigrates From January 8th through January 14th will compete in 4 ODI matches. The program is a part of the International Cricket Council’s Future Tour Program which will have each of the major cricket teams play each other once at home and once and away.

#3. The South African Momentum Day Cup The South African Momentum Day Cup is a set of domestic, South African teams who will battle in 15 matches from Saturday, Jan 9th through the finals on February 2nd and 4th. All games will be held at Senwes Park in Potchefstroom, South Africa.

#4. England Tour of Sri Lanka Also part of the FTP program, between Thursday, Jan 14th and Monday, January 18hth, the England Tour will visit Sri Lanka in a series of two tests. The second test will be held January 22nd through January 28th. Both series of matches will be held at Premadasa Stadium in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

#5. Afghanistan vs Ireland The Ireland team will travel to Abu Dhabi and face powerhouse Afghanistan in an ICC Cricket World Cup Super League series that will determine placement in the 2023 ICC World Cup. Ireland will play Afghanistan in three ODI matches held on January 18th, January 21at and January 23rd. The One Day International matches will be held at Sheikh Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi.

#6. West Indies vs Bangladesh. Another Future Programs event, three One Day Individual Matches will be held on January 20th, January 22nd and January 25th, while Two complete tests will take place between February 3rd and February 7th and February 11th through February 15th. West Indies will travel to Bangladesh. All the test matches will be held at Zohur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium, Chittagong, Bangladesh.

#7. South Africa vs Pakistan South Africa will fly to Pakistan to enjoy three twenty-20 matches and January and February. The twenty-20 matches will be held Feb 11, Feb 13th and Feb 14th, while the test matches will take place January 26th through January 30th and the second test match will be Feb 4th through Feb 8th. The games will be held at multiple stadiums throughout Pakistan. but all games will be televised at least in Pakistan.

#8. Australia vs New Zealand Of course, naturally we would not leave out New Zealand in our list of opening cricket games and Feb 22 through March 11 will be the games of the year in New Zealand as 20-20 matches kick off in New Zealand against highly ranked Australia. New Zealand currently stands 5th in ICC ratings while Australia is 2nd. The games will be hosted at 5 different New Zealand stadiums, but they should also be broadcast.

More about the ICC cricket schedule

These are just a few of the featured cricket games for 2021. To list them all would take too long, but a great website for keeping up with all cricket schedules is found at

Upcoming Cricket Events in New Zealand

For a lot of reasons, 2020 has proved to be a very hectic year across all platforms of life. Obviously, the world of sports has been affected, with many games and tours canceled or rescheduled to next year.

Nevertheless, New Zealand does not seem to be experiencing similar situations compared to the rest of the world. To this end, the New Zealand Cricket CEO confirms that the games will continue during the last quarter of the year. However, since there is still a raging global pandemic, all games will be conducted under bio-secure parameters.

Recently, the International Cricket Council released the tours schedule, the Future Tours Program, dated from 2018 to March 2023. The Bangladesh team has also scheduled their games, and they intend to slot in over 150 games during this period. Here are some of the games scheduled in New Zealand for the last quarter of the year.

Upcoming Cricket Events in New Zealand

The current schedule has 3 remaining games in total. They include:

1st T20 will be in October at TBA, New Zealand. The match is Bangladesh vs. New Zealand

2nd T20 will be in October at TBA, New Zealand.

3rd T20 is still scheduled in October at TBA, New Zealand

Other games slotted in October include:

• 1st Test-New Zealand vs. West Indies at Hagley Oval, Christchurch.

The timings are not available.

• 2nd Test- New Zealand vs. West Indies at Basin Reserve, Wellington

The timings are not available.

• 3rd Test- West Indies vs. New Zealand at Seddon Park, Hamilton

The time has not been specified.

• 1st ODI- West Indies vs. New Zealand at Cobham Oval, Whangarei

Time is not specified.

• 2nd ODI- West Indies vs. New Zealand at Hagley Oval, Christchurch

The time is not available.

• 3rd ODI- West Indies vs. New Zealand at Hagley Oval, Christchurch

The times are not available.

• 4th ODI- West Indies vs. New Zealand at Saxton Oval, Nelson

The time is not available.

• 5th ODI- West Indies Vs. New Zealand at Bay Oval, Mount Maunganui.

The time is unavailable.

• 1st T201- West Indies vs. New Zealand at Bay Oval, Mount Maunganui.

The time is not available.

In November, there is a scheduled West Indies tour of New Zealand with 3 tests.

• 1st Test- West Indies vs. New Zealand at Hagley Oval, Christchurch

The times have not been specified.

• 2nd Test- West Indies vs. New Zealand at Basin Reserve, Wellington

No times have been listed

• 3rd Test- West Indies vs. New Zealand at Seddon Park, Hamilton.

No times have been listed

Betting On Cricket

Well, now that you know what’s expected, it’s time we refresh your betting skills; it’s been a minute. Cricket is a fast-rising sport in terms of popularity, meaning that a larger demographic across the world are taking up wages with the sport. Generally, a punter can place an average of 365 bets in a single year. First things first, how do you place bets in cricket?

Anyone who wants to successfully place cricket bets must be disciplined in all terms, including money management. Furthermore, it is essential to be able to identify betting value, and this ability is only refined through time and consistency.

Online Betting

If you know anything about casino games online, then online cricket betting is a walkover. The first thing is to identify whether you want to wager on international or domestic games. Internationally, three recognized formats are played out, and they are governed by the International Cricket Council. They are:

Test Cricket- this is the oldest form of the game, and it is played in a period of more than 5 days. The game ends when one team wins, or the match ends in a draw.

One Day Cricket, ODC- this gaming format became popular in the ’70s, and it revolutionized cricket as it is known today. Each game is played in a day, and it has 50 overs in each team.

T20- if you are looking for more exciting cricket, then this is where it’s at. This format became popular in the 2000s, and it’s played in an afternoon or evening session with each team having 20 overs.

Value Bets

If you are betting for profit, it is essential to place your wagers only when you’ve identified a betting value. What is a value bet?

Basically, value is the product of the assessed probability-1 and the decimal odds. If the value is higher than 0, then it becomes a value bet.

Cricket Betting Techniques

As a punter, you can explore numerous betting methods, regardless of the form of cricket you want to bet on. There are several betting markets, and if exploited right, they can rake in handsome profits. They include:

1. Wicket Taker/ Leading Run scorer

Within the series and match outcomes, betters are allowed to wage on wicket-takers and leading run-scorers in each match or inning.

2. Series winner/ Match Outcome

In limited overs, there are only two possible outcomes, while test matches have a third possibility. Punters can only wage on the possible winner and the exact overall score.

With test matches, remember draws become less likely as run-rates continue to increase. Factors such as a flat pitch or the weather are the only interference to positive results.

3. Man of the Match

This is a case where an outstanding or favorite player can put up a winning performance. In most situations, such players are good at making fast fire hundreds or taking multiple wickets.

4. Highest Opening Partnership

In some circumstances, a batsman struggles against a particular bowler. Some people will research on how particular batsman will perform against bowlers to yield returns.

5. Number of Boundaries

This could either be a total of either fours or sixes scored. Case in point, a team can have players that can easily hit sixes, while the other team has batsmen that can hit fours and work the ball into gaps.

Best Cricket Betting Strategies

With a variety of betting strategies, it becomes easier to identify value betting opportunities. What are some of the strategies that can identify a betting value?

1. Research and Read on likelihoods

Cricket is highly affected by playing conditions, including the weather. It determines the amount of play at any given session.

In the case where heavy rainfall is expected for a test match, the draw results increases, and the number of games decrease.

Another situation could be the time the sun sets in a region. However, rain threat or cloud cover is a big advantage to seam and swing bowlers.

2. Ground History and the Pitch

This involves prediction based on the venue and what it offers in terms of wicket/pitch type. In addition to other factors, the type of match and the betting odds in cricket are determined on the surface given by a groundsman.

3. The Toss

Coin flipping is a substantial dictating aspect in the results of a cricket game, regardless of the game format. The team that bats first can set a huge score, thus eliminating any rival team’s winning chance.

4. Form of Teams and Players

When betting on a cricket game, read into the teams and the performance of individual players. In addition, the overall team performance is essential, and whether they are playing home or away. In some situations, certain teams are disoriented by foreign fields.

Introduction To Cricket Betting in New Zealand.

Cricket is one of the famous sports that many people in New Zealand love. People who have a passion for other sport are gradually becoming a big fan of cricket, and this sports group is impressively becoming one of the sports games that have entered worldwide outskirts. New Zealand as a country is popularly known for being devoted to this sports game. Cricket is one of the sports games that are very interesting to bet on. Certain games can keep going for two hours while others can continue for quite a long time. No wonder cricket is an interesting sport game for many people in New Zealand making it the ideal stage for bookmakers and punters to bet on. This has resulted in cricket wagering. As perhaps one of the oldest sports games on the planet, cricket has pulled in various adaptations of cricket betting in the course of its life. The game has an indigenous root that comes from a long way, and the rules that accompany them are many. Being originated from Britain, cricket has gotten incredibly enormous in nations the British empire recently colonized. New Zealand is among one of those countries, and the traditions of the game remain the same throughout the country. Betting on cricket in this new modern world fills in as the ideal image of mingling with other people, conserving the custom, and a class of a famous sports game. A lot of people in New Zealand who bet on cricket are not aware that there is more than a single match of cricket. Knowing the individual differences is out of bounds for the importance of cricket to many punters, as it will not assist them with settling on the best odds about their cricket betting on the web. For instance, the duration of a test match usually lasts for four to five days. At this time, anything can occur; the leading board can twist at any time. Knowing this regarding cricket betting is very necessary as it will assist you with settling on significant choices or odds since betting on cricket on the web is concerned. New Zealand’s punters in most cases prefer to place their cricket bets on a day matches because they have a quick turnaround time that can yield similar results to the winnings team from horse race betting tips.


Many people in New Zealand have to put some measures in place before they can bet on cricket; otherwise, they will lose a lot of money. How many cricket players look like isn’t the main reason to consider However, it has an important role to play in the act of making the odds. All recent players with remarkable rewards in many of the games are being known as World-class players, and they have incredible higher odds. One thing to consider is the format of the game. Many people do not know that some players are not very good at playing quicker format, but has an extraordinary performance in playing a longer format. Knowing the performance of the players is very important because it will increase your chance of winning your bet. An Indian player like Virat Kohli who has more scores in international matches than any other cricket player in the past years, they knew this player to be very competent in playing the long format matches. Another player to consider is James Anderson, they also know him for exhibiting an amazing playback in the long format matches, he is one of the world-class cricket players. Beginners should have intensive research on the stadium, and the number of matches to be played. Some stadiums in New Zealand are ancient and have bad facilities and bad grounds which will affect how smoothly the match will go. The size of the boundaries also has effects on the matches; the larger the size the smoother, the more the higher the scores that will be expected from the match. If the match is being played in a stadium with small size boundaries, then it will have terrible effects on the match. We cannot leave the pitch out when talking about the good measure of betting on cricket likewise on soccer games; the condition of the ball on the pitch has a tremendous impact on cricket matches. Other conditions such as rain and cloud cover should be considered because these situations can change the wicket to be used in the matches, some will be in favour of big hits while some will not.


The convenient type of cricket betting in New Zealand is picking a 1 x 2 bet. This betting has resulted in a greater number of wins for a lot of wagers in New Zealand which is just the matter of selecting who will be the winner after the match has ended. Many beginners in cricket and soccer betting have a greater interest in this betting because it requires no profession or special skills to do it. Do not forget that you should be very familiar with the tournament you are betting on. With all the various matches being played in New Zealand, someone would go in for series betting. Have a close look at correct score when series betting is being talked about because a team could draw their matches or win a 4 four-match series 2-0 more than what they would win in 6-0 match competition. More options to consider in innings victory when a wager is interested in shorter format bets on which player will emerge in a top inning. Another option to consider is betting on individual players. Betting on individual players is the most popular option in cricket betting, and you can easily win your bet for instance, in a series you can select the overall runs for a specific batsman, this will be a choice if overs and under is available. Any wager can select who will be the top scorer in the second or overall innings and the total number of centuries scored. Do you know that there are always many variables when it comes to cricket betting that even a lot of cricket wagers do not know? Considering how the grass looks like in the wicket and how a team’s performance can be measured per the weather condition will increase your chances of winning. Beginners in cricket betting should always do a background check on the recent matches being played before creating out the odds. It is always advisable to watch the first day of action in a test match before placing your bet. When a test match gets to the 3rd and fourth day, the bowling opponent has a higher chance for emerging when the pitch is gyrated, and they find out that there is a team who struggles against the spin.

The 3 Different Cricket Formats and How They Vary

When we talk about some of the best sports activities, you cannot leave cricket behind. In this article, we will let you know everything about cricket particularly the various formats of crickets and how they vary with each other. When we talk about cricket being a sports game, it is played with a bat where two teams of eleven players each on the center-field possess a wicket at both ends with a balanced two bails. The game has its reference in the southern east of England in the 16th century. As at now the historical background concerning the origin of cricket, has still not been able to be determined. The fast spread of cricket was mainly due to the expansion of the British Empire in the olden days that lead the international matches during the second half of the 19th century. Cricket is governed by the International Cricket Council popularly known as the ICC. International Cricket Council has over 100 members which twelve of the members fall within the members of test match. Cricket was further developed in the 18th century and became the national sports team of England.Cricket began to have the maximum supporters and it exceeded its peak during the 1748 season, and this was a result of the single wicket that attracted the crowds.

Things began to change in cricket in the last two decades just before the first world war. The last two decades before the first world war had an impact on the name of cricket and was called Golden Age of Cricket. The name was derived for cricket as a result of the great loss they came across during the first world war. Since the managers of the game wants the game to be played in a fair manner, they have made rules to govern the game. These rules are stored in the Laws of Cricket which is being controlled and managed by an institution in London called Marylebone Cricket Club popularly known as MCC. Moreover, the ultimate goal of playing cricket is to score more goals, but however, the ultimate goal of the early stages of cricket differs from the modern way of playing cricket. The primary goal of the early stages of cricket was the key technical aspects. Before a team can score in cricket, one of the teams will have to run and strike the ball bowled at the wicket with the help of the bat while the opposing team tries to prevent them from scoring. In cricket, one can be dismissed from the game. When we talk about the mode of dismissal in cricket, it involves bowled, and this is when the ball hits the stumps and forces the bails out while the fielding catches the ball when it is hit. would you like to know the various formats of crickets and how they vary with each other? In this section, we will let you know the various formats of crickets, and how they vary with each other so keep scrolling! We have three formats of crickets which are Test Cricket, One Day Cricket and T20 Cricket.


If you are looking for the format of cricket game that has the longest match duration, then Test Cricket is the one.

What is Test Cricket: Test Cricket is the form of cricket with the longest match duration which is regarded as one of the games with the highest standard. This game takes place between two national cricket sports team that has been permitted with a test status and recognized by the International Cricket Council (ICC). The first test match officially took place on the 15th and 19th of March in the year 1877 and was a match between England and Australia. This match was not a test match though but it was very fascinating. The match took place at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) in Australia. Test cricket was played for over five days including some 40 minutes break for lunch. Before the game starts, a coin is tossed and the winning team, who won this particular event, makes the choice either to make the first bat or bowl. The two teams will then exchange roles with one of the team batting or bowling. There are no limits on the duration it will take the two teams to bat. If one of the team gets on top of the other with some points, the team with the highest point will decide either to let the one with the lower point bat again for their second innings or bat for itself to achieve a massive gap.


Another interesting type of cricket we would like to expose you to is the One Day Cricket. Do not get confused with One Day Cricket and One Day International as they are all the same thing. If you are looking for the type of cricket that is limited, then One Day Cricket is the one.

What is One Day International (ODI): One Day Cricket is the form of cricket, that is limited and is played between international teams where both teams experience a limited number of overs. If you are a cricket fan, you could see that the Cricket World Cup game, which is usually taken place every four years, is played in this type of format. The first One Day Cricket. was officially played on the 5th of January 1971, and it was played between England and Australia. As already discussed earlier on, there are major rules that governs the various formats of crickets. The Laws of Cricket is applied in One Day Cricket. In One Day Cricket. the two team’s bats for a limited number of overs which is 50 overs unlike the olden cricket games where the number of overs was somewhere 60 overs per side.


One of the best formats of cricket is the Twenty20 Cricket. If you are looking for the most professional level of cricket, then Twenty20 Cricket is the right one.

What is Twenty20 Cricket: Twenty20 Cricket is the is the type of cricket, which was founded by the England and Wales in the year 2003 for the inter-county competition. It is one of the recognized cricket types of games by the International Cricket Council as the highest international level. When we talk of Twenty20 Cricket, each of the two competitors has a single innings which is limited to only 20 overs unlike the One Day Cricket.

Read This Before Joining A Cricket Team

There are so many ways to continue to stay active and meet new mates. One of the best ways is to join a sports team and here we will review what you need to know before doing so. Starting a new team venture as a hobby will not only help you manage your weight, but it will be full of excitement and competition. An excellent choice is to begin your search for a Cricket Team.

Joining a cricket team is an awesome idea. But, there are many items that you’ll want to consider before joining that perfect team for you. The cricket team is comprised of eleven players, which is great because even if you’re not the best player, you still have several different positions to choose to play.

For your self, you’ll just need to purchase a cricket helmet and gloves. If you’re new to the sport, you’ll want your ball, cricket bat and wickets. These items can be bought separately or as a cricket bat set. The bat set has all items included for a reduced price. Further, your chosen team will need to outfit you with a jersey or uniform. The uniform is usually given as a price per person and it’s purchased in bulk to make sure that each player gets a uniform.

Some teams will charge a player fee to join as well. This fee can be inclusive of all of your gear or it can be a simple fee that allows you to become a member, but you must buy your athletic gear for yourself. If your team has a separate fee for the jersey or complete uniform, that allows you to pay separately and usually at a later date. If you want to get very fancy, you can buy a padded bat cover or special cricket socks. You can control the amount that you spend before you play a game.

Perhaps the most important consideration is the actual time that it takes to play a cricket match. It is a real team commitment. So, there will be time away from family, friends and any other interests that you may have. The time required to play cricket is massive. The longest and oldest cricket game is the original and it’s called ‘Test Cricket.’ It is played over 5 days.

Each day of Test Cricket matches is a full day, with a two-hour morning session, normally a forty-minute lunch, a two-hour afternoon session, a twenty-minute tea break, then a two-hour evening session. This daily total is seven hours, with six hours of actual play. Since it does require five days, that brings your match total to 35 hours or 30 hours of actual play in those five days. That’s a great deal of time.

If your team decides to use the One-Day Internationals match, then the time commitment is a bit less. With this cricket game, the innings are timed so that the first inning is three hours and twenty minutes. You then have a forty-five-minute interval and you end with a second-inning that also has three hours and twenty minutes. This match time is only a total of seven hours and twenty-five minutes, which is much better than the thirty hours for the Test match.

Still another version is the Twenty Internationals match. It is by far the shortest match available in cricket. The first inning is only one hour and twenty minutes. You only receive a fifteen-minute interval until you play your second inning. The second inning is also one hour and twenty minutes. The total match time for the Twenty Internationals version is two hours and fifty-five minutes. This is a match that you can fit into an already crowded schedule.

As you can see, cricket has an incredible time consideration. But, that is just fine because before you join a team, you’ll want to know exactly which match type that team plays. And, that makes your choice much easier. You can control the amount of time that you spend on the cricket field by choosing a team that is within the amount of time you have available to play.

The next consideration is the ability of the player. This is a very important point because the very last thing that you want to do is buy a plethora of equipment and not have the ability to play. Since there are eleven players, if the team that you join already has a sufficient number of players, that doesn’t leave time for you to play. Also, if those players happen to be better players than you, then you will also not have much playtime.

Always ask the captain how many total players are on the team and how much time each player spends on the playing field before you make a financial investment into a team. Further, if your cricket ability is less than others, hire a coach to improve your abilities or join a beginner team. There is more opportunity to play on a beginner’s team. You will get better the more you are playing on the cricket field.

Finally, if you have the means, you can always join two different teams, if the schedule permits. This will not only allow you to improve your abilities more quickly, but it will also allow you to maximize your chance to play. Cricket will improve your upper body strength and core strength. You’ll be running and batting in the great outdoors.

4 Roles A New Zealand Cricket Team Should Have

Cricket sports betting can come in many forms. It could be about which team would win, who would score first, or who would be hailed as the league’s MVP. Anyway, it doesn’t matter which wager you’d like to participate, the important thing is that you understand the capabilities of the players within a team. You can then formulate a rational decision.

In order for you to determine whether the players within a team can deliver. Here are some of the roles that should be assumed.


In one of our articles, we have indicated that in order to determine who the potential MVP is, captaincy is one of the aspects of consideration. And so, to provide you with a definite reason as to why, we will elaborate on captaincy here.

Basically, the role of the captain is to lead. Aside from the coach, he usually has a say on who can be a part of the team. He is also the one responsible to make necessary team calls. In addition to that, it is his duty to tell his teammates where to position themselves.

The Wicketkeeper

This is regarded as one of the most important roles in cricket. The reason behind this is that the wicketkeeper makes sure he is ready to take a catch if the batsman fails to do his job. Part of his role is also to stump the batsman and, on some occasions, to run them out.

Depending on the bowler, the keeper’s position is altered. For example, a fast bowler would make the keeper squat some distance in order to make room for his movements. On the other hand, a slow bowler would push the keeper to squat closer to the stump.

The more skillful the keeper, the better he is in adjusting to different bowlers.


In cricket, bowling is the act of propelling the ball towards the wicketkeeper. In between, the batsman is there to keep them from scoring. The person who bowls is referred to as a bowler. If a bowler is also a skillful batsman, he is called an all-rounder.


From the name itself, a fielder is someone who fields and runs around to try and save the ball from the boundary. In cricket, there are different places that a player could field but that is something real players should know.

As a bettor in cricket sports betting, you need to know what kind of players a team has. If a team has quite skillful players assuming every role, they will most likely win most of their games.

There are quite a lot of wagers that one can come up with in cricket betting. It may be about who the best wicketkeeper, bowler, or even fielder is. Or which wicketkeeper scores the most and loads more.

If you want to ensure your winnings, you need to religiously study every New Zealand cricket team. However, don’t get your hopes up too high as there are certain circumstances that may hinder them from performing well.