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4 Roles A New Zealand Cricket Team Should Have

Cricket sports betting can come in many forms. It could be about which team would win, who would score first, or who would be hailed as the league’s MVP. Anyway, it doesn’t matter which wager you’d like to participate, the important thing is that you understand the capabilities of the players within a team. You can then formulate a rational decision.

In order for you to determine whether the players within a team can deliver. Here are some of the roles that should be assumed.


In one of our articles, we have indicated that in order to determine who the potential MVP is, captaincy is one of the aspects of consideration. And so, to provide you with a definite reason as to why, we will elaborate on captaincy here.

Basically, the role of the captain is to lead. Aside from the coach, he usually has a say on who can be a part of the team. He is also the one responsible to make necessary team calls. In addition to that, it is his duty to tell his teammates where to position themselves.

The Wicketkeeper

This is regarded as one of the most important roles in cricket. The reason behind this is that the wicketkeeper makes sure he is ready to take a catch if the batsman fails to do his job. Part of his role is also to stump the batsman and, on some occasions, to run them out.

Depending on the bowler, the keeper’s position is altered. For example, a fast bowler would make the keeper squat some distance in order to make room for his movements. On the other hand, a slow bowler would push the keeper to squat closer to the stump.

The more skillful the keeper, the better he is in adjusting to different bowlers.


In cricket, bowling is the act of propelling the ball towards the wicketkeeper. In between, the batsman is there to keep them from scoring. The person who bowls is referred to as a bowler. If a bowler is also a skillful batsman, he is called an all-rounder.


From the name itself, a fielder is someone who fields and runs around to try and save the ball from the boundary. In cricket, there are different places that a player could field but that is something real players should know.

As a bettor in cricket sports betting, you need to know what kind of players a team has. If a team has quite skillful players assuming every role, they will most likely win most of their games.

There are quite a lot of wagers that one can come up with in cricket betting. It may be about who the best wicketkeeper, bowler, or even fielder is. Or which wicketkeeper scores the most and loads more.

If you want to ensure your winnings, you need to religiously study every New Zealand cricket team. However, don’t get your hopes up too high as there are certain circumstances that may hinder them from performing well.


3 Tips on Doing Business with A Cricket Agent

One of the most acclaimed features of the new era is the advancement of technology. Because of how easily accessible things are right now, even sports betting can now be done online.

This is a great leap, there’s no doubt about that. However, there are things that you need to make sure of before you commit. Dealing with people over the internet is not as easy as when you do it offline.

You basically don’t know who you’re talking to and what kind of person they are.

And so, to help you with your problems in looking for an online cricket agent who will gladly take your bets for you, here are some of the tips that you need to take note of.


Experience business man preparing to write on his notes on a table postImage - 3 Tips on Doing Business with A Cricket Agent

Online sports betting has been a thing for quite some time now. Not many may have used it but it has already been established. A good cricket agent should be able to tell you all the things that you need to do regarding online sports betting.

If it seems that they don’t know what they’re doing, then this might be signal for you to think things through.

Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback woman sharing some feedback report to his superior and her team PostImage - 3 Tips on Doing Business with A Cricket Agent

Basically, you’ll be using a website in dealing with a sports betting cricket agent. Check the website if they have a reviews page where people leave comments about them. If they don’t have one, search the internet and look for information that will help you determine whether they are legit or not.


Cost Person sitting on the floor holding some dollar PostImage - 3 Tips on Doing Business with A Cricket Agent

There is a greater chance that the cost of online sports betting is higher than offline. See if the price that they charge you is reasonable enough with the fact that you don’t have to personally go to the establishment and commute.

If you think that there are still grey areas regarding the website or the agent, continue doing your research. Remember, you are entrusting them with your money. And that’s something that should not be taken lightly.

Cricket MVP Formula: 5 Aspects for Consideration

One of the things that are bet upon in cricket is who will be hailed as the Most Valuable Player at the end of the tournament. In case you are also fond of betting on such odds, we highly recommend that you first understand how such title can be coveted.

We are all aware that to be the MVP you must be the best of the best in the league that you’re in. Part of assessing a player’s capability is to observe them.

Thus, if you want to know which player is MVP material then you should also know the following factors that determine so.


The basic point is for batting points every 20 runs. This would just mean that a point will be added to your score every 20 runs. Another set of points is given to reaching 50 and 100 runs respectively.

If a player has been doing so well in batting, a point is awarded to him once he has scored over 20% of the total team run for the game. Hitting eight boundaries or more than that would also earn you points.


Bowling points are earned for every wicket. A bonus point shall be given if 3 wickets are achieved in one inning. Another bonus point will be added if one gets 5 wickets for an inning.

Another way of earning bowling points is to bowl 2 maidens. You could also try to achieve the benchmark economy rate of 3.0 if you feel like you are capable of fulfilling the job without a problem.


Usually, you earn fielding points through catches, run-outs, and stumping. However, if you get the chance to have 3 or more finding dismissals in an inning then you can be given another bonus point.


If you are the captain of a cricket team, you are automatically given one point. However, you need to take note that this point shall only be available for the winning captain. This may seem unfair but it is not.

It takes a lot of guts and determination to handle a team in a game. This point is somehow a consolation for the hard work.

The Winning Team

The Winning Team trophy lifting it up high Postimage - Cricket MVP Formula: 5 Aspects for Consideration
All the members of the winning team, without exception, is entitled to a point. In this context, you can see that everyone is given the chance to become the MVP. The captaincy only gives out one point so if you get to do better on the other aspects, you will still have the chance.

The computation of the score is cumulative. This means that every game, the points are added and then the results are carried over to the next game and added to whatever score they make. This cycle goes on until the end of the competition.

If you are still evaluating a player, try watching their games and compute their scores. Try to see if there are players who are closely tied and evaluate whether there were instances that made the other player’s game perform poorly.

Once practiced, it’ll be easier for you to formulate a hypothesis on who the next MVP will be and helping you in your sports betting.

7 Personality Traits the Best Cricket Players Should Possess

As stated before, the need to evaluate a cricket player is an essential step towards your sports betting decision. We have made it clear that in order to increase your chances of winning the bets, you need to carefully assess your options.

Aside from natural skills, it is imperative for a person to have specific traits. Given that one has the talent, it will still take some time to fully develop it as a skill.

And, in order to do so, these traits must be constantly practiced.


Self Confidence guy preparing himself to hit the ball comming PostImage - 7 Personality Traits the Best Cricket Players Should Possess

No matter how talented or skillful you are, if you don’t believe that you can, you never will. The only way to develop the full potential of a person is when they believe that they are able.

However, overconfidence can also be a very deadly trait to develop. One can get cocky and might make rash decisions because they think that they are better than anyone else. In sports, especially cricket, this is a big no.

Sense of Motivation

Sense of Motivation two people playing crickets outside PostImage - 7 Personality Traits the Best Cricket Players Should Possess

As has been mentioned before, talent can only be cultivated if one is willing to give their efforts. In order to push through the development, one needs to have a strong sense of motivation or else your talent would just go to waste.

Strong Desire

Strong Desire Man picking up cricket ball to continue playing PostImage - 7 Personality Traits the Best Cricket Players Should Possess

If one’s goal is to succeed in cricket then their sense of motivation could easily kick in. Your desire will serve as your fuel to go further. Whenever a player feels like quitting, looking back to the reason why they wanted to succeed so bad in the first place will keep them right on track.


The action that one should do to illustrate their motivation and desire is having self-discipline. In order to become the best cricket player, one needs to constantly practice, control their food intake, and be physically active. If a player is not yet ready to do so, then there’s no point in starting at all.


In every journey, ups and downs come. However, the very thing that you need to hold onto is that there’s something good that will eventually come out of it. Focus on the positive side of life and you’ll surely be able to push through whatever obstacle you face.

Sense of Belonging

Sense of Belonging man holding cricket ball on a green field Post Image - 7 Personality Traits the Best Cricket Players Should Possess

Although this one relies on how a team accepts and treats their members, it is still important that a person feels like they belong. In team sports like cricket, it is crucial to know that teammates have one another’s back to support while inside the game.

Willing to Accept Criticisms

Nobody is perfect. This may sound cliché but it is, in every way, true. Humans are prone to making errors and that’s not something to be ashamed of. As long as you are willing to accept criticisms, the player will surely grow and eventually become one of the best cricket players.

When scouting a team, try looking at their player’s traits and not just their physical capabilities. You’ll be surprised as to how these personality traits can influence your betting.

3 Justifications on Joining a Cricket Club for Sports Betting

The thing with cricket sports betting, or even other sports betting activities, is that you need to know exactly what you are getting yourself into. This means that you need to have a full understanding of what the game is, who the players are, and other important information that would help you place a rational bet.

In order to get ahold of data that could potentially be the reason of your winnings, you can either research or employ other options like joining a cricket club.

For you to understand why we are encouraging people to join such a club, you need to read the following reasons.

Exclusive Information

Exclusive Information man checking his laptop to gather some information PostImage - 3 Justifications on Joining a Cricket Club for Sports Betting

Part of the reason why a lot of people join cricket clubs is because of the exclusive information disseminated to them. It is not necessarily a secret but it is information that is not available to the general public.

The reason why you need to be excited about having such a privilege because this is usually essential during sports betting. Such information is bound to be available some time so you should make your decisions beforehand.

Inside Whispers

Inside Whispers woman with tape on the month Post Image - 3 Justifications on Joining a Cricket Club for Sports Betting

This is not a well-known advantage but as with other clubs, inside whispers or information are usually present. The difference between this and exclusive information is that the latter is from a more reliable source and thus is factual while inside information might be hearsay.

We classify this as an advantage despite it not being a reliable source is because we think it is safer to prevent something before it actually occurs. You can establish precautions that could minimize the risk of losing or the risk of making an incorrect decision.

Discussion Privileges

Discussion Privileges two man talking in the room with laptop on hand Postimage - 3 Justifications on Joining a Cricket Club for Sports Betting

When you are in a cricket club you have the chance to talk with your peers. This may not give you the factual information that you desire, it could help you strengthen or see the weakness of your current option.

You see, those who are in a cricket club has a passion for the sport. Thus, they would be able to tell you whether your analysis is more likely to be correct or not. Yes, they don’t have the power to actually tell what’s going to happen but at least they can give you a reason on how they came up with their idea.

Being in a cricket club may cost you more than you anticipate. But if you keep in mind that it could potentially increase your odds of winning then it may not be that bad at all.

3 Reasons Why it is Important to Scout Cricket Players for Sports Betting

Sports betting is literally the act of betting on something that is sports-related. As compared to gambling, sports betting requires close attention to the sport that you have your eye on. Sports betting doesn’t just focus on who wins what, it has a lot of variations which is why every detail is very important.

One of the factors that determine whether a team has a higher potential of winning is through its players.

Due to this fact, it is just logical to check out cricket players, what they are capable of, and how they can contribute to a team.

To dig in deeper, here are some of the most important reasons why checking out players before betting is very important.

Reference Stats

Reference Stats a sitting man thinking with his laptop - 3 Reasons Why it is Important to Scout Cricket Players for Sports Betting

In cricket and other kinds of sports betting, varied aspects of the sports are bet upon. This means that not only do bettors bet on who wins but they could also make up other things like which team gets the first point or who will score more. To be honest, the choices are limitless.

The stats of the players will help you decide on who or which team to bet on. Of course, there is no definite result or assurance of any kind. But, if you are able to weigh things accordingly, your odds of winning will be much higher.

Strategic Skills

Overall Gameplay team preparing for a game at the statdium - 3 Reasons Why it is Important to Scout Cricket Players for Sports Betting

A player’s stats will determine how he can affect the team or his gameplay physically, strategic skills tackle a whole different aspect. In playing cricket it is necessary for a player to have his own gameplay.

It does not have to be exactly from the book but at least they know what they have to do in different situations.

As initially mentioned above, a player must be able to adjust to situations within the game. Even when one thinks that they have a plan, things could get pretty complicated once you are in the game. If a player has a good set of strategic skills, they’d be able to counteract the situation.

Overall Gameplay

Strategic Skills Batsman preparing to hit the ball PostImage - 3 Reasons Why it is Important to Scout Cricket Players for Sports Betting

The overall gameplay of the player pertains to how he uses his physical and mental skills in an actual game. Even if a person exhibits both during practices and exhibition games, it is a different thing when tournaments and big events are at stake.

You may find this difficult to believe but there are people who tend to panic and go out of focus when too much pressure is placed on their shoulders. Because of this, they may not be able to perform as well as you expected them to.

Once you keep this in mind, you’ll constantly remember to check on cricket players before you place any bet on them or the team that they are in.