The 3 Different Cricket Formats and How They Vary

When we talk about some of the best sports activities, you cannot leave cricket behind. In this article, we will let you know everything about cricket particularly the various formats of crickets and how they vary with each other. When we talk about cricket being a sports game, it is played with a bat where two teams of eleven players each on the center-field possess a wicket at both ends with a balanced two bails. The game has its reference in the southern east of England in the 16th century. As at now the historical background concerning the origin of cricket, has still not been able to be determined. The fast spread of cricket was mainly due to the expansion of the British Empire in the olden days that lead the international matches during the second half of the 19th century. Cricket is governed by the International Cricket Council popularly known as the ICC. International Cricket Council has over 100 members which twelve of the members fall within the members of test match. Cricket was further developed in the 18th century and became the national sports team of England.Cricket began to have the maximum supporters and it exceeded its peak during the 1748 season, and this was a result of the single wicket that attracted the crowds.

Things began to change in cricket in the last two decades just before the first world war. The last two decades before the first world war had an impact on the name of cricket and was called Golden Age of Cricket. The name was derived for cricket as a result of the great loss they came across during the first world war. Since the managers of the game wants the game to be played in a fair manner, they have made rules to govern the game. These rules are stored in the Laws of Cricket which is being controlled and managed by an institution in London called Marylebone Cricket Club popularly known as MCC. Moreover, the ultimate goal of playing cricket is to score more goals, but however, the ultimate goal of the early stages of cricket differs from the modern way of playing cricket. The primary goal of the early stages of cricket was the key technical aspects. Before a team can score in cricket, one of the teams will have to run and strike the ball bowled at the wicket with the help of the bat while the opposing team tries to prevent them from scoring. In cricket, one can be dismissed from the game. When we talk about the mode of dismissal in cricket, it involves bowled, and this is when the ball hits the stumps and forces the bails out while the fielding catches the ball when it is hit. would you like to know the various formats of crickets and how they vary with each other? In this section, we will let you know the various formats of crickets, and how they vary with each other so keep scrolling! We have three formats of crickets which are Test Cricket, One Day Cricket and T20 Cricket.


If you are looking for the format of cricket game that has the longest match duration, then Test Cricket is the one.

What is Test Cricket: Test Cricket is the form of cricket with the longest match duration which is regarded as one of the games with the highest standard. This game takes place between two national cricket sports team that has been permitted with a test status and recognized by the International Cricket Council (ICC). The first test match officially took place on the 15th and 19th of March in the year 1877 and was a match between England and Australia. This match was not a test match though but it was very fascinating. The match took place at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) in Australia. Test cricket was played for over five days including some 40 minutes break for lunch. Before the game starts, a coin is tossed and the winning team, who won this particular event, makes the choice either to make the first bat or bowl. The two teams will then exchange roles with one of the team batting or bowling. There are no limits on the duration it will take the two teams to bat. If one of the team gets on top of the other with some points, the team with the highest point will decide either to let the one with the lower point bat again for their second innings or bat for itself to achieve a massive gap.


Another interesting type of cricket we would like to expose you to is the One Day Cricket. Do not get confused with One Day Cricket and One Day International as they are all the same thing. If you are looking for the type of cricket that is limited, then One Day Cricket is the one.

What is One Day International (ODI): One Day Cricket is the form of cricket, that is limited and is played between international teams where both teams experience a limited number of overs. If you are a cricket fan, you could see that the Cricket World Cup game, which is usually taken place every four years, is played in this type of format. The first One Day Cricket. was officially played on the 5th of January 1971, and it was played between England and Australia. As already discussed earlier on, there are major rules that governs the various formats of crickets. The Laws of Cricket is applied in One Day Cricket. In One Day Cricket. the two team’s bats for a limited number of overs which is 50 overs unlike the olden cricket games where the number of overs was somewhere 60 overs per side.


One of the best formats of cricket is the Twenty20 Cricket. If you are looking for the most professional level of cricket, then Twenty20 Cricket is the right one.

What is Twenty20 Cricket: Twenty20 Cricket is the is the type of cricket, which was founded by the England and Wales in the year 2003 for the inter-county competition. It is one of the recognized cricket types of games by the International Cricket Council as the highest international level. When we talk of Twenty20 Cricket, each of the two competitors has a single innings which is limited to only 20 overs unlike the One Day Cricket.