Read This Before Joining A Cricket Team

There are so many ways to continue to stay active and meet new mates. One of the best ways is to join a sports team and here we will review what you need to know before doing so. Starting a new team venture as a hobby will not only help you manage your weight, but it will be full of excitement and competition. An excellent choice is to begin your search for a Cricket Team.

Joining a cricket team is an awesome idea. But, there are many items that you’ll want to consider before joining that perfect team for you. The cricket team is comprised of eleven players, which is great because even if you’re not the best player, you still have several different positions to choose to play.

For your self, you’ll just need to purchase a cricket helmet and gloves. If you’re new to the sport, you’ll want your ball, cricket bat and wickets. These items can be bought separately or as a cricket bat set. The bat set has all items included for a reduced price. Further, your chosen team will need to outfit you with a jersey or uniform. The uniform is usually given as a price per person and it’s purchased in bulk to make sure that each player gets a uniform.

Some teams will charge a player fee to join as well. This fee can be inclusive of all of your gear or it can be a simple fee that allows you to become a member, but you must buy your athletic gear for yourself. If your team has a separate fee for the jersey or complete uniform, that allows you to pay separately and usually at a later date. If you want to get very fancy, you can buy a padded bat cover or special cricket socks. You can control the amount that you spend before you play a game.

Perhaps the most important consideration is the actual time that it takes to play a cricket match. It is a real team commitment. So, there will be time away from family, friends and any other interests that you may have. The time required to play cricket is massive. The longest and oldest cricket game is the original and it’s called ‘Test Cricket.’ It is played over 5 days.

Each day of Test Cricket matches is a full day, with a two-hour morning session, normally a forty-minute lunch, a two-hour afternoon session, a twenty-minute tea break, then a two-hour evening session. This daily total is seven hours, with six hours of actual play. Since it does require five days, that brings your match total to 35 hours or 30 hours of actual play in those five days. That’s a great deal of time.

If your team decides to use the One-Day Internationals match, then the time commitment is a bit less. With this cricket game, the innings are timed so that the first inning is three hours and twenty minutes. You then have a forty-five-minute interval and you end with a second-inning that also has three hours and twenty minutes. This match time is only a total of seven hours and twenty-five minutes, which is much better than the thirty hours for the Test match.

Still another version is the Twenty Internationals match. It is by far the shortest match available in cricket. The first inning is only one hour and twenty minutes. You only receive a fifteen-minute interval until you play your second inning. The second inning is also one hour and twenty minutes. The total match time for the Twenty Internationals version is two hours and fifty-five minutes. This is a match that you can fit into an already crowded schedule.

As you can see, cricket has an incredible time consideration. But, that is just fine because before you join a team, you’ll want to know exactly which match type that team plays. And, that makes your choice much easier. You can control the amount of time that you spend on the cricket field by choosing a team that is within the amount of time you have available to play.

The next consideration is the ability of the player. This is a very important point because the very last thing that you want to do is buy a plethora of equipment and not have the ability to play. Since there are eleven players, if the team that you join already has a sufficient number of players, that doesn’t leave time for you to play. Also, if those players happen to be better players than you, then you will also not have much playtime.

Always ask the captain how many total players are on the team and how much time each player spends on the playing field before you make a financial investment into a team. Further, if your cricket ability is less than others, hire a coach to improve your abilities or join a beginner team. There is more opportunity to play on a beginner’s team. You will get better the more you are playing on the cricket field.

Finally, if you have the means, you can always join two different teams, if the schedule permits. This will not only allow you to improve your abilities more quickly, but it will also allow you to maximize your chance to play. Cricket will improve your upper body strength and core strength. You’ll be running and batting in the great outdoors.