Cricket MVP Formula: 5 Aspects for Consideration

One of the things that are bet upon in cricket is who will be hailed as the Most Valuable Player at the end of the tournament. In case you are also fond of betting on such odds, we highly recommend that you first understand how such title can be coveted.

We are all aware that to be the MVP you must be the best of the best in the league that you’re in. Part of assessing a player’s capability is to observe them.

Thus, if you want to know which player is MVP material then you should also know the following factors that determine so.


The basic point is for batting points every 20 runs. This would just mean that a point will be added to your score every 20 runs. Another set of points is given to reaching 50 and 100 runs respectively.

If a player has been doing so well in batting, a point is awarded to him once he has scored over 20% of the total team run for the game. Hitting eight boundaries or more than that would also earn you points.


Bowling points are earned for every wicket. A bonus point shall be given if 3 wickets are achieved in one inning. Another bonus point will be added if one gets 5 wickets for an inning.

Another way of earning bowling points is to bowl 2 maidens. You could also try to achieve the benchmark economy rate of 3.0 if you feel like you are capable of fulfilling the job without a problem.


Usually, you earn fielding points through catches, run-outs, and stumping. However, if you get the chance to have 3 or more finding dismissals in an inning then you can be given another bonus point.


If you are the captain of a cricket team, you are automatically given one point. However, you need to take note that this point shall only be available for the winning captain. This may seem unfair but it is not.

It takes a lot of guts and determination to handle a team in a game. This point is somehow a consolation for the hard work.

The Winning Team

All the members of the winning team, without exception, is entitled to a point. In this context, you can see that everyone is given the chance to become the MVP. The captaincy only gives out one point so if you get to do better on the other aspects, you will still have the chance.

The computation of the score is cumulative. This means that every game, the points are added and then the results are carried over to the next game and added to whatever score they make. This cycle goes on until the end of the competition.

If you are still evaluating a player, try watching their games and compute their scores. Try to see if there are players who are closely tied and evaluate whether there were instances that made the other player’s game perform poorly.

Once practiced, it’ll be easier for you to formulate a hypothesis on who the next MVP will be and helping you in your sports betting.